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나의 강점

민둥 2018. 8. 24. 13:12

워크샵에서 서로 피드백 해주는 서베이 세션이 있었는데 내가 받은 피드백이 엄청나게 긍정적이라 힘이난다.
나중에 일 잘 안될때 보고 마음을 다스려야지. 한두줄 적으랬는데 내 supervisor가 겁나 길게 적음ㅋㅋㅋ

She is very active in the group and kind to all the colleagues. I still remember the year we have spent in the same office. She is very reliable and hard-working. I trust almost all the codes and experiments produced by her.

Minjeong is incredibly friendly and positive and I think she helps to energise all those around her.

She works incredibly quickly on both the content of our project and the infrastructure that supports it (i.e. databases, servers). Her breadth of knowledge is great and can seemingly answer questions on any topic in CS.

Always enthusiastic about improving the project and leads the team with clear vision. Your drive and optimistic personality makes it a pleasure to work with you.

Minjeong is very fun to work with. She is very helpful and asks relevant questions that made me to think.

Work with Minjeong has always been charged with creativity and positive energy. 

Minjeong delivers a lot more than she promises in less time, her ability to execute ideas is outstanding. She learned a huge amount of data science and full-stack web development in a very short amount of time. She is always on the lookout for new skills and ideas. 

Minjeong’s technical acumen is both broad and sharp. She is well versed in applied machine learning literature, but is also great at mapping algorithms to concrete problem that a non research audience can easily get excited at. Furthermore, every design decision (no matter how big or small) that passed through Minjeong will make sense!

Minjeong is a natural leader. She approaches decisions with care, but also with swift decisiveness well ahead of deadlines. She is always ready to help others, from our funding agency partners, to both junior and senior colleagues, plus nudging your boss at the right time!

Numerous project would not take off or take decent shape without Minjeong: MMKG image ranking and graph visualization demos, CS metrics, InfluenceMap, 24x7 social media and news collection, … others would not be the same if were not for Minjeong’s excellent contribution to the collaboration: comparative summaries, relation extraction, to name a few. 

(사진은 그냥 아무사진.. 내자리ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

그나저나 너무 바쁜 나날들의 연속이다. 
쇼케이스 끝내고도 페이퍼 준비 때문에 쉬지도 못하고, 심지어 하루 차이로 다른 데모페이퍼 또 내야해서 정신이 없네.
각종 비자문제에 지지난주는 또 그룹 워크샵 가는거 준비하는데 내가 general chair라
리조트 예약하고 결제하고 이것저것 잡일에 치여서 더더더 바빴다.

평소같으면 하염없이 봄을 기다렸을 시간인데 일정이 많아서 3 동안이나 보드를 타러 못갔더니
올해는 겨울이 가는게 아쉽기만 하구나..주말마다 날씨 좋았는데 말이여ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 세상 아쉬운것ㅠㅠ
다행히 내일부터 토일월화 휴가! 오빠 친구가 시애틀에서 페리셔로 스키트립 온다고 해서 우리도 맞춰서 쉬기로 했음.
바쁜 와중에 간만에 좋긴하지만 돌아와서 폭풍같은 일정이 기다리고 있어서 걱정이 되긴 하는구나

으헤 그래도 또 열심히 놀다가 와야지 신난다! 이번엔 아예 노트북 안가져 갈거야!!!!!
잠시나마 쉬는동안 미뤄놨던 배둥이 그림도 그리고 맛난것도 많이 먹고 충전해야겠다 헤헷 :)

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